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The body delimits us and represents us; that is why we express ourselves through it, it shapes us and in turn, we shape it, dress it up and decorate it according to our personality and

to what identifies us. That is why jewelry is an important part for people, since the beginning of time, because they have always been a form of human expression, whether in the form of an artistic object, amulet, fetish, totem or as simple talking accessories. of our personality; who we are and what we like.

The craft of goldsmithing has its origins in alchemy,

ancient practice and philosophical discipline that combined elements of chemistry, metallurgy, physics, mysticism and art.

Alchemists had to transmute their own soul before transforming metals, purifying and preparing.

"Our work with metals has led us to make the craft an art in which observation and experimentation are manifested with devotion, in a ritual that demands the surrender of the spirit."

Constant change and transformation; the growth, the endless development of our trade, which seeks to make materials speak their own language, in communion with ours, is a constant in our work.

We work with metals, gemestones, wood, bone, horn and leather because they have a genuine nature, they have the possibility of transforming without changing their essence; We seek to highlight its qualities and express the intrinsic value of its antiquity on the planet.